At the Lazy "D" we provide a safe and enjoyable riding experience, and we want your visit to be a memorable
one.  We take great pride in our clean and safe facility. As you step through the gate we hope you notice that our
entire facility is enclosed and surrounded with tight, clean fencing.  We have a 60' round pen which works out
great for the first time and beginner riders.  Guests are asked to stay in our designated viewing areas known as
our "Safe Zones" where they will have a full view of the round pen, the arena and the cross tie area.
October 29th
Mackenzie and Amanda had an exciting time at the Martha Josey Clinic that took
place at the Lazy E this month.  Both girls came home with first place awards in
the 3D and 4D.  Congratulations girls the two of you did such a great job with
Player and Belle all weekend!

Rodeo Finals
Congratulations to Amanda and Mackenzie for making the open rodeo finals! You
had a great season! Now on to the Jr rodeo season!

Horsemanship/Training classes
This class will start back up as soon as we have more students sign up for it. The
class will be from 1-3pm every Saturday.  The cost for non students all ready
taking lessons is $35 per class and for current students you get a $10 discount.  
This class will be a hands on class that deals with more non riding horse handling
and training.  For more information please go to the
horse training class page.

Barrel Racing Clinic

No date at this time keep checking back.

For all riding levels.  We will start at 10am and it will last at least 4 hours or until
everyone is done.  The exact time will depend on how many people sign up for
the clinic. More information is on the
Barrel Clinic Page.

Star Bright
tarbright was just supposed to be here for a few weeks so we could sell her for
someone but we decided to buy her.  Come out and meet our new addition to the
riding school.

Come out and say "Hi" to baby Lincoln.  His full name is Five Dollar Bill but we're c
alling him Lincoln.  He's a rescue horse and is only 12 months old right now.

T Shirts
I've been busy designing a couple of t-shirts for the riding school.  Please check
out the shirts and let me know what you think.
 T Shirt Page

Horse Camp
Please check the Camp page for more details.

Madeline Update
Madeline is no longer a lesson horse.  She is permanently retired as a riding
horse.  She was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor that effects her balance.   In
September 2011 she had an infection in her right eye.  It's all cleared up now, but
she has lost two thirds of her vision in that eye.  She is no longer safe to ride.  
She will still be part of the riding school.  We will use her for teaching saddling  
and grooming at horse camp.  Please stop by her pen and give her some love  
and maybe a few apple treats, she loves attention.  If any students would like to
stay an extra half hour after their lesson please ask to groom Madeline

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